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June News

As seen on nytimes.com:

“If we are to create a global economy that works for the nine billion people forecast by midcentury, then for the sake of the global climate and for the survival of many other species we have no option but to turn today’s capitalism inside out and upside down.” -John Elkington, author of THE ZERONAUTS.

The full article can be found here.

As seen on bobmorris.biz:

The full book review by Bob Morris for TRANSFORMATIVE CEO by Jeffrey Fox and Robert Reiss can be foundhere.

Review for IGNITING THE FLAME by Jim Reisler

Reisler, Jim. Igniting the Flame: America’s First Olympic Team. Lyons: Globe
Pequot. Jun. 2012.

Today’s Olympics are a humongous international event costing billions of
dollars to produce so they can be watched worldwide by billions of people.
As described here by sportswriter Reisler (Babe Ruth Slept Here), the first
“modern” Olympics, held in 1896 Athens, were drastically smaller and
drastically different. For example, described as a “glorified pickup squad,”
the full U.S. Olympic team consisted of 14 athletes from only three
organizations (Princeton, Harvard, and the Boston Athletic Club). Also,
before the games got under way, the American public was barely aware that
the event was to be held. Once the U.S. athletes and their scholarly
entourage arrived in Greece, articles were sent back to American newspapers
describing the U.S. team’s success. The athletes won nine of the 12 track
and field events held. One of the best stories here is about American Robert
Garrett, who won the gold medal in the discus despite taking up the event
for the first time on the very day of the competition.

Verdict This fun and accessible read is recommended to all coming Olympics
watchers interested in putting today’s games in historical perspective. The
photographs, appendix of award winners, and notes will add to the reader’s
experience.—Todd Spires, Bradley Univ. Lib., Peoria, IL