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Nonfiction Proposal Guidelines | Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency, Inc.

Nonfiction Proposal Guidelines

1. The Concept/Overview
The concept/overview acts as a sales pitch. Summarize what your book is about, the significance of publishing it, and how the information will be presented.

2. Author Biography
Provide a one page introduction of yourself, including your credentials, past and current employment, and a list of your previously published works. You can also include where you live, community involvement and the link to your website.

3. Audience
Who is this book intended for? Who will it appeal to and how does your book apply to them? Answer these questions in one page.

4. Table of Contents
Give the general outline of all of your chapters, and, in one to two paragraphs, summarize the main points of each chapter. Provide the chapter titles as they will appear in the book.

5. Promotion
What are you willing to do to help market your book? Explain how you can utilize social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your website, Tumblr, etc.) and your contacts to help sell your book.  List previous media appearances, including online and print articles, radio, and television. What are your previous and future speaking engagements and workshop schedules? Can you garner endorsements for jacket quotes?
6. Competitive Analysis
Provide a list of published titles that are similar to or in the same field as your book. Explain how your book is different. What does your book address that the other works do not? Provide the publishers and publication dates for the titles you are comparing your book to.