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Voices and Faces: Literacy in San Diego

John Corcoran, author of The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read, is one of the featured learners in the San Diego Council on Literacy’s film “Voices and Faces: Literacy in San Diego.” The film premiered February 28, 2013 at The University of San Diego.

A video of John speaking about the book is featured below.

For more information on John and The John Corcoran Literacy Foundation, please visit: http://www.johncorcoranfoundation.org/

Follow John on Twitter @JohnCorcoranFDN

Rwanda, Inc. Featured in Forbes

As seen on forbes.com:

Rwanda: A Stunning Turnaround On A Continent Marked By Broken Promises


By Patricia Crisafulli and Andrea Redmond

Rwanda, Inc.

At a recent gathering of business and political leaders in Kigali, President Paul Kagame, the charismatic yet controversial Rwandan leader, stated, “We have understood for a long time that you can’t cure poverty without democracy. The only cure is through business, entrepreneurship, and innovation.” His pro-business and free-market comments are the moral of the story of the “other Rwanda,” the one that has moved beyond what it is perhaps best known for—the 1994 genocide in which one million people were killed in 100 days. And, it contrasts with the current crossfire of accusations (vehemently denied by the Rwandan government) of alleged support to a rebel group in its chronically violent next-door neighbor, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Chicago Tonight Interview for RWANDA, INC

As seen on chicagotonight.wttw.com:

A Journalist’s Take on Rwanda’s More Hopeful Face

The New York Times‘ best-selling author Patricia Crisafulli tells us about post-genocidal Rwanda’s more hopeful face — and the country’s road to socioeconomic recovery on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm. Her new book, co-written with Andrea Redmond, is called Rwanda, Inc. Read an excerpt from the book and view a slideshow of photos.

The full article can be found here.