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Co-Agents | Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency, Inc.


We are proud to work with the finest co-agents in the world. They have helped coordinate international author tours that have made translated versions of our books some of our top sellers.

China and Taiwan
Bardon-Chinese Media Agency
Phillip C. Chen and Yu-Shiuan Chen

Eric Yang Agency
Sue Yang and Henry Shin

Czech Republic and Slovakia
Kristin Olson Literary Agency
Kristin Olson and Tereza Dubova

Marianne Schoenbach Literary Agency
Marianne Schoenbach

Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark
Ahlbäck Literary Agency
Elina Ahlbäck and Laura Palotie

International Copyright Agency, Ltd.
Simona Kessler and Adriana Marina

Agence Eliane Benisti
Eliane Benisti and Noemie Rollet

Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia
PLIMA Literary Agency
Vuk and Mila Perisic

Literarische Agentur
Thomas Schlueck, Bastian Schlueck, and
Joachim Jessen

Spain, Portugal, Latin America
RDC Agencia Literaria S.L.
Raquel de la Concha and Marilu Casquero

OA Literary Agency
Michael Avramides

Thailand, Vietnam
Tuttle-Mori Agency Co, Ltd.
Pimolporn Yutsiri

The Book Publishers Association of Israel
Dalia Ever Hadani

Onk Agency Ltd.
Nazli Cokdu

Piergiorgio Nicolazzini Literary Agency
Piergiorgio Nicolazzini and Maura Solinas

United Kingdom
Abner Stein Agency
Caspian Dennis

Japan Uni Agency, Inc.
Miko Yamanouchi


Arabella Stein, Kate Walker, and Caspian Dennis of Abner Stein Agency

Eliane Benisti

David, Doris Michaels, and Annie Chen

Henry Shin from EYA

Gabi Hertzmann from Pikarski Agency

Adriana Marina from Simona Kessler International Copyright Agency

Miko Yamanouchi, President Japan Uni

Kristin Olson

Marianne Schoenbach

Thomas Schlueck

Michael Avramides of OA Agency

Ceren Aycenk and Hatice Gök from Onk Agency

Doris Michaels, Maura Solinas, Piergiorgio Nicolazzini, and Francesca Maioli

Raquel de la Concha, Doris Michaels, and Marilu Casquero

Pimoporn Yutsiri from Tuttle Mori

Elina Ahlback

Left to Right: Raquel de la Concha, Thomas Schlueck, Abner Stein

Left to Right: Ayumi Kobayashi, Jeffrey Fox, Miko Yamanouchi

Doris Michaels and Thomas Schlueck

Left to Right: Miko Yamanouchi and Marijke Lijnkamp

Raquel de la Concha and Jeffrey Fox

Left to Right: Eric Yang, Marlene Fox, Jeffrey Fox

Left to Right: Omiros Avramides, Jeffrey Fox, Michael Avramides

Left to Right: Adriana Marina, Jeffrey Fox, Simona Kessler

Left to Right: Piergiorgio Nicolazzini and Jeffrey Fox

Photo Credit: Charles F. Michaels Left to Right: Doris Michaels, Ann-Christine Danielsson, Jeffrey Fox