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Testimonials | Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency, Inc.


“My internship with DSM Agency was a great introduction to the publishing industry. From the first interview to my last day, I felt part of the team whose opinion was truly valued. Doris and Pauline were always helpful, supportive, and encouraging. The opportunities they gave me to learn about the relationship between the agent and the author, as well as reading and evaluating queries and manuscripts are invaluable. I never once felt uncomfortable, especially being such a non-traditional student and intern. They have done so much to make me a better publishing professional. I consider Doris and Pauline not only good bosses and mentors, but friends who I feel comfortable going to for career and life advice. Their help and guidance went beyond what I could do for the agency, and for that I will always be grateful.”

– Tqwana Brown

“Each day of my internship with DSM Agency was incredible. Coming from Germany and never having worked as an intern, I didn’t know what to expect and if my English would be good enough. But Doris and Pauline welcomed me with open arms. They gave me very interesting and challenging tasks from the first day, and incidentally helped me to improve my grammar and speaking. Furthermore, they made me feel like I’m part of the team and asked for my opinion on important topics. They always included me on meetings with potential clients and gave me the chance to speak with some of the authors by myself.

The working atmosphere in the agency throughout was pleasant and friendly but still professional. Both Doris and Pauline answered all of my questions with patience and taught me important lessons that I will never forget. I couldn’t have asked for better mentors.

All in all, the experience of working in the agency enriched my life in many ways and gave me a perfect first time view on the professional world and the publishing industry.”

– Elena Klaas

 “From the start, my internship at DSM Agency was fun, challenging, and interesting. Doris and Pauline gave me a genuinely in-depth view into the world of publishing.  They did not treat me as someone who was only relegated to observation, but rather as a genuine member of their team. I was given important duties and assignments, and I was often asked to give my valued opinion on projects. Doris and Pauline create an inviting and friendly atmosphere while also maintaining a professional environment. They are willing to answer any questions, and provide aid with any task you may find difficult. This internship was a wonderful learning experience in multiple ways. It gave me my first experience working in a professional setting and in a field I am interested in. It also gave me the feeling that was an important part of a small but hard-working team, which motivated me to my best at any task I was assigned. The experience was only enhanced by my wonderful superiors, I couldn’t ask for better bosses.  This was a fantastic way to spend my summer, and I will certainly apply the lessons I learned during this internship to other personal and professional endeavors.”

                                                           — Jessica Gonzalez-Wu

“From my first lunch with Doris and Delia, at a charming Italian restaurant near Columbus Circle, I knew my internship at DSM would be unlike any I’d ever had. I was blown away by the amount of attention and guidance I received in just one summer of working there. During my time at DSM, I sat in on meetings with potential clients and international agents, reviewed much of the incoming material, and offered critiques on a number of manuscripts under consideration. I was always encouraged to voice my thoughts and opinions and truly felt like a valued addition to the agency. I would recommend this internship to anyone who is interested and excited about the inner workings of the publishing world, especially those with a desire to learn—there’s no question too big or too small for Doris and Delia.”

                                                          — Georgia Mierswa

“When I first started my internship at DSM I was so excited. I had always been interested in publishing and my internship at DSM only sparked that interest further. With the help of Delia and Doris, I was able to experience one of the many different sides of publishing. I was always encouraged to share my opinions and was included in all of the inner workings of the office. During my time at DSM I was able to witness firsthand the relationship between author and agent, which gave me a whole new respect for the literary process. My internship at DSM has really helped me to progress in my publishing career. The experience I gained at DSM has been an invaluable tool; one that I am sure will stick with me for years to come.”

                                                          — Maranda L. Ward

“My internship with DSM was an amazing academic opportunity, but also an incredible experience. I was exposed to the multifaceted publishing world in a friendly, supportive, and fun working environment. Due to the intimate size and the agency’s focus on establishing personal relationships in business, it provided an ideal introduction to the literary world. I was encouraged to participate actively, express my own opinions, and ask many questions. DSM was focused on making it a positive learning experience for me and it truly was. Through interning at DSM Agency I was welcomed into a truly special world.”

                                                          — Jamie Spitzer

“At first I did not know what to expect from my three months internship at the agency. So I was very curious at my first day. But there was nothing to worry about. Just from the beginning Delia and Doris were very kind and helpful. There was a great atmosphere in the office, I really had the feeling that they cared about my opinion and tried to involve me as much as possible. Thanks to the variety of tasks, the job never got boring and I got access to a lot of different things. Not only did I learn how to care for books but also how to do office work. But what I am most thankful for is that they helped me so much to improve my English. They gave me the opportunity to come from Switzerland to New York without knowing how well my English was or how I would deal with all the requirements. I was very happy when I realized that the work at the agency was perfect to exercise my English, I had to read, write and speak. The job at the agency taught me a lot of different things and I will always remember this great time.”

                                                          — Sophia Lammer

“When I first began my summer internship at the Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency, I was unsure of what to expect.  I had just completed my junior year of college and had little experience in publishing.   I was looking for an opportunity where I could both contribute and learn as much as possible about the industry without feeling inadequate.  Within my first week at the agency, any apprehensions I had disappeared.  Doris, Faye, and Rebecca maintain a professional yet welcoming environment.  I felt free to ask questions and offer my own opinions, as I was always treated with respect.  I saw first-hand how the role of the literary agent works within the publishing process.  They trusted me to read and evaluate manuscripts, send materials to sub-agents and authors, and sit in on important meetings. Thanks to the Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency, I am much more experienced and I have definitely sharpened my focus on my career goals.  Though I have one more year of school to complete, I feel privileged knowing that I have a special connection to the publishing industry through Doris, Faye, and Rebecca.”

                                                          — Gina Damiano

“My two semesters interning at the agency gave me a valuable and enjoyable experience on which I often reflect. As an intern I always felt respected and heard, which as the former Assistant Director of the Tisch Film and Television Internship Office, I can tell you is extremely unusual and special.  I am currently doing my MFA work in dramaturgy (SUNY Stony Brook) on a full scholarship. I have used my experience at the agency to understand the literary management aspect of dramaturgy.  The critical skills I formed reviewing manuscripts are now helping me examine and develop scripts.  This fall I acted as dramaturg on Prelude to a Kiss and Medea Material and have recently been asked to direct Dork, an original piece by Elizabeth Borjza, premiering in December 2001 at The Spot.  On the side, I work as a copywriter.  My internship at the Doris Michaels Literary Agency has served as a helpful stepping stone and remains a personal inspiration as a woman both in academia and the work place.”

                                                          — Joan Hawley

“My internship at the Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency has given me the scope for the kind of career path that I would like to pursue.  Even before finishing college where I studied literature, I knew that I wanted to be involved in the magazine and book publishing business.  Through my internship I realized an extraordinary aspect of working in a literary agency.  A literary agent is the initial person that has direct contact with the author throughout the process of the construction and development of a story, and thus not only is she/he is acting as a sales representative but also as an editor.  This internship made me see both sides of an author/publisher relationship.   The interest and trust that Doris, Rebecca, and Faye have shown towards me and my work, have helped me gain knowledge in many different characteristics of the industry leading me to my first job.  Right now I am working as an assistant in a literary agency.”

               — Leyla Kayhan

“The internship that I have completed at the Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency, Inc. was extremely interesting. First, as a French person, it gave me the opportunity to work in a friendly American environment. I  have learned the basics of an agent’s work, which was very important to me because my dream was to become an agent someday in my country. Doris was kind enough to take some time to give me tips and advice on how to create and run a literary agency. I also have learned a state of mind: work, imagine, create, think bigger, and success as a team and as women is possible. Doris, Faye and Rebecca, each gave me something: self-confidence, creativity in my work, and professionalism. Today, I am back in Paris. I have started my agency and I can say that the Doris S. Michaels Agency has been a real source of inspiration to me. And sometimes, when something gets a little confusing in my work, I must say that I often ask myself: What would Doris do in this situation?”

                                                          — Chloé Ataroff