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Scientific American Review

Recommended: Drinking Water

By Marissa Fessenden

Drinking Water: A History 
by James Salzman

Overlook Press, 2012

Salzman’s account of drinking water makes the liquid seem as mythic as the fountain of youth. He explores the engineering, politics and health implications surrounding humans’ quest for water, as well as the toxins and changing climate that threaten our supply. The history includes how physician John Snow methodically traced an 1854 cholera outbreak to a single water pump in London, New York City’s evolution from a disease-ridden metropolis to one that boasts about its tap water, and the innovative technologies that may avert global water poverty.

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Pioneers of Sustainability

BOOK REVIEW: The Zeronauts


THE Zeronauts, says John Elkington, are pioneers of sustainability, making previously unimaginable contributions to reducing humanity’s footprint on the environment, which is ultimately a footprint on fellow human beings.

Elkington has 40 years of perspective on business sustainability from working with organisations as varied as Ford, Nestlé, and TetraPak. How, he asks, are we to bring down to zero the “five Ps”: population growth, pandemics, poverty, pollution, and proliferation?

The Role of the Transformative CEO

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