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Pioneers of Sustainability

BOOK REVIEW: The Zeronauts


THE Zeronauts, says John Elkington, are pioneers of sustainability, making previously unimaginable contributions to reducing humanity’s footprint on the environment, which is ultimately a footprint on fellow human beings.

Elkington has 40 years of perspective on business sustainability from working with organisations as varied as Ford, Nestlé, and TetraPak. How, he asks, are we to bring down to zero the “five Ps”: population growth, pandemics, poverty, pollution, and proliferation?

June News

As seen on nytimes.com: “If we are to create a global economy that works for the nine billion people forecast by midcentury, then for the sake of the global climate and for the survival of many other species we have no option but to turn today’s capitalism inside out and upside down.” -John Elkington, author of THE ZERONAUTS…